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January 2014

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Best Of: Beth Tweddle

It was supposed to be an innocuous question and answer session and a chance for sports fans to tap the brains of one of Britain’s most successful athletes, Beth Tweddle. Instead, Beth found herself the subject of some spiteful and misogynistic vitriol when she agreed to participate in a live twitter Q&A with Sky Sports – ranging from lewd comments to insults about her appearance. It is another disappointing reflection of the discrimination female athletes face – an issue that…

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Ballet Interviews

Interview: Danielle Muir

It’s easy to see why not many Australian dancers venture aboard. Australians are a very patriotic folk, with a strong affinity for the arts. There are a healthy amount of dance companies, and the Australian Ballet, it’s premier ballet company, is renowned for bringing it’s own creative and elegant take on classic pieces. Its a testament to Australia’s strong dance community that when one of it’s dancers does leave it’s shores, he or she tends to make an impact. Think Royal…

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C&V Ladies Recipes

Tasty Things: Gemma-Ashley Kaplan’s Gingerbread

If you’re still in a festive mood, or feeling particularly like a domestic goddess/god or, if you’re anything like us,  just want to eat delicious things all-day-all-the-time, you might want to reach for your mixing bowl and give this recipe for a spiced quickbread a whirl! It comes to us courtesy of Gemma-Ashley Kaplan, who is one-third of the über-talented force that are the Kaplan sisters.  When she’s not lighting up the silver screen, or wowing audiences in the musical…

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