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November 2014

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On Pliés, Pizza & Physical Well-being.

A few days ago I posted a .gif I made attributing Prince Florimund’s (Prince Desiré? Who knows) angst to his inability to eat his way out of feeling blue due to the demands of white ballet tights . While meant as a humorous take on one of the dilemmas of dance – white tights are a merciless mistress, as many dancers know, the number of ‘sad but true’-type comments surprised me. So I think it’s worth saying – although you’ve probably…

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Ballet C&V Homefries Interviews

Interview – Tristan Dyer

Tristan Dyer is a well-travelled man – from America to Australia to Canada, he’s been there, danced that, training at schools all over the world. But where he is now, at London’s famed Royal Ballet is where he feels at home. And he looks it too. Tristan graduated from the Royal Ballet School in 2009 and funnelled straight into the company where he was most recently promoted to soloist rank this year. Watching videos of him rehearsing for Liam Scarlett’s…

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