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July 2017


Adult Ballet Essentials

Everyone wants to know what’s in the ballet bags of pro-dancers, but does anyone want to peek into the dance bag of a creaky 31-year-old adult ballet beginner? Your brain may say no, but your heart says yes. Go on, you know you want to.…

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Ballet Photo Sessions

Cloud & Victory X Angelica Generosa & Lindsay Thomas

This summer, C&V approached Lindsay Thomas, inhouse photographer at Pacific Northwest Ballet, to collaborate with us on a series of photos. I had admired Lindsay’s work for a while – she takes some seriously dreamy photos and has a sense of humour that we at C&V can vibe with (is ‘vibe’ still an acceptable expression? Was it ever?). In fact, we had the exact same idea to make pun-filled, ballet-flavoured Valentine’s day cards. It goes without saying that there are so…

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