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Quickfire Questions: Daniel Dolan

We made a picture of Dan staring at pizza. Sorry we're not sorry, Dan!

Daniel Dolan answers a few quickfire questions we threw his way. Most of them anyway!

Prince Siegfried, Prince Albrecht or Prince Desire?

That’s a hard one! I don’t know if I can answer that!

I need to think about that. Ask the next question!

What’s your dream role?

I watched Ivan the Terrible this year, and I would love to dance that just once! It’s such an exciting role.

Who would be your dream partner?

Ksusha Ryzhkova. I partnered with her before and she’s a beautiful dancer.

It’s tempting to choose someone like Natalia Osipova, but she’s so far ahead in her career. It’s better to choose someone who’s still incredibly talented but dancing at my time!

Coolest skill or trick that you’ve learnt?

I want to be able to do a 540. I’ve never had to use it yet, but I will. So I want to learn to do it in the next year.

What is a ballet exercise you especially like or find helpful?

I find practicing développés useful. I work on them the most, because it’s the one area I’d especially like to improve on.

Favourite football team?

Manchester United! My home team.

And my favourite rugby team is the Vikings of course!

Aw, we’re Liverpool fans. We beat you at that last match!

I’m not saying anything about that.

(Ed: Dan got his own back when Man U defeated Liverpool shortly after this interview.)

If you could be one person for one day, who would it be?

Frank Sinatra. I’m obsessed with him. He’s one of the most talented artists and he’s got incredible charisma.

It would be really interesting to be him for a day.

Selfies – awesome or awkward?

Awkard! Hate them so much.

Back to that first question…

I can’t answer that! Can you make up a new question instead?

Well then answer this at least – who was the worst boyfriend out of the three?

Oh, all of them! They were all bad.


The main image is a very cheeky photoshop we made of Dan staring at pizza. Sorry we’re not sorry, Dan! 😉

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