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Ballet Interviews

Interview: Joy Womack

Joy-Womack - La Bayadere

If you had asked Joy Womack this time last year where she thought her ballet career would take her in 365 (and a quarter) days from then, it’s highly unlikely the answer would be, ‘principal dancer at the Kremlin Ballet’.  And yet that’s exactly where she is now. It was where she spent the past few months dancing a season of Nutcrackers and Swan Lakes and Giselles, instead of on the stage of the Roman-columned theatre down the road –…

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Reaching for Pizza: Roundup

reaching for pizza - evanmckie

It started with one photo, and more than 6 months later, we’re still photoshopping pizza into the hands of ballet dancers. Anyone who’s read our interviews will see that we’ve made our featured interviewees reach for pizza. But we’ve also posted pizza edits of other dancers on social media.…

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Ballet C&V Ladies Interviews

Interview: Emma Dumont

Emma DUmont

The word triple-threat doesn’t seem adequate enough to describe Emma Dumont.  From musical theatre productions as a young girl (she sings! She acts!),  she eventually found her way to the silver screen. Her most prolific role to date has been that of the lanky, loyal Melanie Segel in ABC’s Bunheads, a  delectable Amy Sherman-Palladino confection about ballet dancers in the small town of Paradise (she dances too!). Emma’s dancing sufficiently impressed the renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy and she was offered…

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Ballet C&V Ladies Interviews

Interview: Precious Adams

Precious Adams

A quick motion from a backstage crew member, and Precious Adams didn’t seem to even have a moment to take a breath. A quick glance backward, and it was her time. She walked onto the empty stage. Her body twirled, then stopped in the silence. And then she moved again, rippling, stopping. Moving, stopping. And when the music erupted in a symphonic burst, so did she.…

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