Bare-chested Ballerino: Roberto Bolle

Roberto Bolle is the king of dance. The king of shirtless dancing, to be exact. For all of us unlucky souls who do not have the pleasure of watching him dance in person, preferably sans top, Roberto has been gifting the world with many a shirtless selfie on social media. After doing the same with David Hallberg, we couldn’t resist trying to figure out what’s going on in the mind (and abs) of the American Ballet Theatre principal dancer during these selfie snaps.

It is a rare gift.

If you are not shirtless, you are not doing it right.

It is stipulated in my contract that it is I who will show the most skin. I will be speaking to my manager about this.

It is so hard to be me.

Dancers with il pouffy sleeves are this season’s must-have accessory. You heard it here first.

Bow in the presence of my chesticles. #streetchic

Pictures taken from Roberto Bolle’s instagram; second to last picture from Xander Parish’s instagram.

(Although if you absolutely must cover up (mama mia, but why?), you can try one of our dance tops. They are, as one would say, molto fashionable. Available at:

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