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Ballet C&V Homefries Good Ballet Juju Interviews

Interview: Royal Danish Ballet’s Vitor Menezes Talks Finding Joy in Dancing In Your Living Room and Staging a Public Ballet Concert For His Neighbours During Quarantine

Good ballet juju! Royal Danish Ballet's Vitor Menezes talks about finding motivation and joy while dancing at home in his living room, how he staged a ballet concert for his neighbours in lockdown, dancing as a twin, and shares his Netflix recommendations.…

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Ballet C&V Ladies Good Ballet Juju Interviews

Interview: Marianela Núñez talks staying physically+mentally healthy, dealing with pressure and being kind to yourself.

Royal Ballet’s Marianela Núñez chats about her approach to training in lockdown, what she learnt from her struggles as a teenage ballet student, how she stays physically and mentally healthy and what she does to feel good. Good Ballet Juju with Marianela Núñez  Listen to the interview with Nela on Spotify! Listen to the interview with Nela on iTunes! At Cloud & Victory, we make ethical dancewear for you to feel and look good: – get 15% off your first order…

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