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Cloud & Victory Fall/Winter 2016

We recently launched our new Fall/Winter 2016 collection of ballet tops and clothing, modelled by Joy Womack and Miko Fogarty. It was all very exciting!

Like all C&V clothing, it was designed to be mostly lovely, sometimes fun, but always empowering of the dancers to practice this art form, whether they’re professional ballet dancers, or students of all levels (including adult beginners like myself!). We are proud that we remain committed to the principles of ethical clothing manufacturing, by choosing to have our clothing made in accordance with international fair labour and sustainable guidelines, and in conjunction with small business.


For our lookbook and campaign, professional ballerinas Joy Womack (Kremlin Ballet) and Miko Fogarty of (Birmingham Royal Ballet) came together to rock out Cloud & Victory clothing in some quiet spaces in the west coast of Singapore known only to those residing there – including an abandoned bus stop, with the signature orange-and-ivory striped roofs that Singaporeans who grew up in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s would be familiar with and an open field – a rarity in a land-scarce country w- opposite a sleepy housing estate. It was definitely a dream fulfilled to bring together these two talented dancers, to hear how much they liked the clothes and, as always, it was a pleasure to witness them in action in some slices of my Singapore that are fast disappearing.



Many thanks to the talented team for their excellent work on this campaign – photographer Jovian Lim and his assistants, stylist Josiah Chua and makeup and hair artist Gigi Sng.

You can view the full lookbook and shop the collection at www.cloudandvictory.com

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