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Quickfire Questions – Laurretta Summerscales

Laurretta Summerscales answers our fun quickfire questions.


Black Swan, White Swan or Swanilda?

Black Swan.

What’s your favorite role that you’ve danced?


Your preferred pointe shoe brand?

Gaynor Minden.

What’s a role that you haven’t danced that you would like to?

I would love to dance Don Quixote, Kitri. Love Kitri.

If you could dance any male role, which would it be and which female would partner you?

Mercutio, but you don’t really have a partner. But if I had to dance and I was a male, probably Iana [Salenko]’s, I think. I love her feet, the way she uses them. The problem with me is I like the best bits of all different principals, so there’s not one ideal.

Polina [Semionova] as well, but she’s really tall that wouldn’t work.

Reaching for pizza Laurretta SummerscalesReaching for Pizza: Laurretta Summerscales
Original picture: Photography by Ash

If you were challenged to a dance off name three people who would be in your crew.

Tamara for sure, she’ll beat anybody, Marianela [Núñez] and [Natalia] Osipova.  I’d just sit and watch.

What’s a ballet exercise you find particularly helpful?

For me actually, tendus. Tendus and releves are really good for me.

Finally, who would play you in a movie about your life? Which actress?

I absolutely love Julia Roberts. She’s amazing. That’s just somebody that I love.

Also Angelina Jolie. I don’t think we are in any way alike, but she is one amazing woman. I love her.  In Maleficent, I was like: you’re amazing.

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