Ballet C&V Ladies Quickfire Questions

Quickfire Questions: Patricia Zhou

Patricia Zhou answers a few fun questions we threw her way. ♡

Team Black Swan, Team White Swan, Team Dying Swan or Team Swanilda?

Team White Swan! Team Dying Swan!

Cooper Nielson or Charlie from Center Stage movie?

Mmm… Haven’t seen Center Stage in ages… Can’t remember!  (Ed: Heresy!)

What’s your greatest culinary creation?

Maybe macarons. I made them while I was living in London. I still can’t believe that I actually made them and that they had feet!!

What is a ballet exercise you especially like or find helpful?

I absolutely love grand allegro. The feeling of flying through the air is incredible, and I feel like you really get to travel and dance big!

Selfies – totally awesome or totally awkward?

Both? I find them quite awkward most of the time, but I succumb and still take them every once in a while.

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Picture courtesy of Alice Williamson.

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