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Ballet C&V Ladies Good Ballet Juju Interviews

Interview: Marianela Núñez talks staying physically+mentally healthy, dealing with pressure and being kind to yourself.

Royal Ballet’s Marianela Núñez chats about her approach to training in lockdown, what she learnt from her struggles as a teenage ballet student, how she stays physically and mentally healthy and what she does to feel good. Good Ballet Juju with Marianela Núñez  Listen to the interview with Nela on Spotify! Listen to the interview with Nela on iTunes! At Cloud & Victory, we make ethical dancewear for you to feel and look good: – get 15% off your first order…

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Ballet C&V Homefries Interviews Movers & Shakers

Movers and Shakers: Xander Parish

The first time I met Xander Parish, he couldn’t see me. Literally. We’d arranged to meet outside the Mariinsky theatre in St Peterburg and as I neared the historic building I spotted him scanning the crowd for me. I walked up to him and but he didn’t notice me because I barely came up to his chin. I hesitated for a moment, wondering how to catch his attention before tugging at his coat, feeling very much like a small child.…

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Ballet C&V Ladies

Interview: Demelza Parish

We’d put money on Demelza Parish being made from bottled sunshine. Delightfully ebullient, she’s a package of charm backed by substance – and she dances too. From childhood Swan Queen dreams, she worked her way into the famous halls of White Lodge, the Royal Ballet’s Lower School and at 17, was awarded a contract to dance at the Royal Ballet. Since then, she’s become a stalwart of the Royal’s corps de ballet, dancing countless Swan Lakes, Manons and Giselles, a Flower…

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Footballet: Roundup (part 2)

This World Cup has been nothing if not vastly entertaining, and seemingly passed all too quickly. We’ve enjoyed being able to celebrate an awesome tournament with the Balleternet by combining two of our favourite things – ballet and football – in our Footballet series.…

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Ballet C&V Ladies Interviews

Interview: Isabella Boylston

isabella boylston - swan lake - odette

Google ‘Isabella Boylston’, and chances are that you’ll be presented with a list of Black Swan references. But really, it’s her white swan that’s had everyone talking. The dual role in Swan Lake was one Isabella had long dreamed of performing, and when the time came, her Odette was firmly in the limelight.…

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Ballet C&V Homefries Interviews

Interview: Xander Parish

Original photo: Sergei Proskuryakov

For a time, Xander Parish seemed like the Jody Sawyer of the English ballet scene. Now, we are not saying that Xander has poor turnout or bad feet (have you seen his feet?), or that he called Ethan Stiefel a sucky boyfriend. But rather, his tenure at the Royal Ballet seemed more or less spent, as Jody said in Centre Stage, “in the back of a corps waving a rose back and forth”.…

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Ballet Interviews

Interview: Danielle Muir

It’s easy to see why not many Australian dancers venture aboard. Australians are a very patriotic folk, with a strong affinity for the arts. There are a healthy amount of dance companies, and the Australian Ballet, it’s premier ballet company, is renowned for bringing it’s own creative and elegant take on classic pieces. Its a testament to Australia’s strong dance community that when one of it’s dancers does leave it’s shores, he or she tends to make an impact. Think Royal…

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Ballet C&V Ladies Interviews

Interview: Patricia Zhou

Lithe and luminous, Patricia Zhou is known in the dance circles as the talented young lady who began her formal ballet training at 13.Even so,  a stint at the Kirov Academy of Ballet’s summer program soon led to her sucessfully auditioning to be a full-time student. You would be hard-pressed to tell that she wasn’t born a bunhead when watching videos of her dancing. But it took hard work, dedication and many extra classes for Patricia to harness her innate…

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