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Watch This: The Dancer and the Dance – a Baryshnikov documentary

BOOGIE LIKE BARYSHNIKOV. A Baryshnikov fix is always welcome in our books. This short film from 1983 focuses on Misha during his ABT years when he was both Artistic Director and a principal dancer, as the company  prepares to debut a new contemporary piece choreographed by Goh Choo San. It offers insight into Baryshnikov’s many responsibilities, along with awesomely ’80s style closeup of dancer’s muscles during a gym session, and legwarmers and headbands galore.


As the artistic director who commissioned the piece,  Baryshnikov sets the creative tone of the ABT. But as a dancer, he cedes this creative responsibility to the choreographer and his role is to simply take direction and learn. And as principal, he has to lead and manage the company both onstage and off. In it’s chronicling of this relatively brief moment in time, the film leaves us with a new appreciation for Baryshnikov – and we didn’t think it was possible to appreciate him even more, but it is Baryshnikov we’re talking about, as well as all those involved in the creative process, from choreographer to corps.

And Singaporeans that we are, it was icing on the cake to watch locally-born choreographer and Singapore Dance Theater founder Goh at work.

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