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Welcome to C&V Sessions: A Message from Your Leader

What C&V Sessions is all about. By Min, founder of Cloud & Victory.

I never intended to start a clothing line. I was supposed to be a lawyer. (And I wanted to be a writer) It wasn’t what I wanted, but when deciding what to read in university, law seemed to make the most sense. I was a numbers-challenged bookworm, and a degree in law would entail a financially secure job that would enable me to provide for my parents.

Studying law was a challenging, enriching, rewarding experience. But it was also killing me slowly, in ways both metaphorical and literal. it took standing between the brink of hell and facing a life of desperate unhappiness to realise I had another choose: I could choose to live. To truly live and be happy.

I took a gap year to sort myself out, and on my final semester of law school, when I truly knew that this was not my future, Cloud & Victory started.

It was a small experimental project that grew into something that I knew I would want to do with my life. This was something I believed in.

And in the short time that C&V has been in existence, I have had the privilege of coming into acquaintance with some truly extraordinary people. People who, despite their youth, are brave enough to defy convention and chase dreams in industries that can be brutal and unpredictable – whether in dance, acting, photography etc, and the maturity to handle this brutality.

There is a lot that I can identify with in these people – an unrelenting passion, a streak of savage perfectionism, and a willingness to push themselves to their limits.

But I have also realised how much I can learn from them. To truly succeed takes more than discipline. It requires positivity in the face of adversity, self-belief, and an acceptance of who you are as a person. Warts and all.

It takes as much courage to push yourself as it does to walk away for your own happiness.

These incredible young people we will feature have defied odds, overcome struggles, and are giving their all to pursue their passion.

Cloud & Victory has never just been about clothing. It came to be because I felt passionate about something – which so happens to be providing stylish, well-made options for people to literally wear what they loved on their sleeves, whether it is a love of dance, gymnastics or a particular book or movie.

It’s about choosing to hold on to what we love, and what makes us happy – and, you know what, having fun with it. Because it’s not worth living if you can’t crack at least one decent joke to save your life. 😉

Through C&V sessions, I hope to provide a platform to highlight the dedication and talent of individuals who pursue what they truly love to do, and to offer a glimpse into their journeys.

Cloud & Victory is in session.


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