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Interview: Royal Danish Ballet’s Vitor Menezes Talks Finding Joy in Dancing In Your Living Room and Staging a Public Ballet Concert For His Neighbours During Quarantine

Good ballet juju! Royal Danish Ballet's Vitor Menezes talks about finding motivation and joy while dancing at home in his living room, how he staged a ballet concert for his neighbours in lockdown, dancing as a twin, and shares his Netflix recommendations.…

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Ballet C&V Ladies Interviews Mental Health

Interview – Ballet & Anorexia: A Conversation with Carling Talcott, Part 1

Carling Talcott and I come from very different worlds. She’s an American living in Denmark, and I’m a Singaporean living in, well, Singapore. She’s a professional ballet dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet, while I’m an adult ballet beginner who totters off to class once a week. But there are a couple of things we have in common, like a love of pizza and burgers, and being able to find humour in the mundane and the things we love, such…

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