Ballet C&V Ladies Photo Sessions

C&V Photo Sessions: Miko Fogarty

In August this year I had the chance to catch up with my friend, Birmingham Ballet artist Miko Fogarty. She told me she would be in Taiwan and would be game for a shoot and lunch, so a furious few days were spent mulling over a concept and cobbling together moodboards, styling looks and conversing with a photographer – the always reliable Puzzleman Leung, who was happily free on the day – and the next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Taiwan (oh the wonders of budget travel!).

We shot these pictures at one of Taipei’s public, free-to-use sports parks on a muggy afternoon. Being a creature of the tropics I foolishly neglected to bring an umbrella and am pretty sure I increased my chances of getting skin cancer that day. Miko and the makeup artist were much wiser than I.

We managed to have fun despite the heat and the occasional mishap (in which I almost squashed Miko by accident and turn her into okonoMikoyaki – fortunately we were both more tickled than hurt), and I never cease to be amazed by how dancers never seem fazed by the conditions they’re in, whether it’s the chill of first spring or the bright humidity of full summer. But I suspect, as Miko and I chatted over plates of food and bubble tea later, that I have also been very, very lucky to have worked with the people I have, and count them as friends.


Miko in our On Wednesdays We Wear Pink crop top

Miko in our Technicolour Dégradé leotard.

Miko in our Swan Lake leotard.

Miko in our Technicolour Dégradé leotard.

Miko in our You Can’t Stretch With Us organic cotton tee.

Miko in our On Wednesdays We Wear Pink crop top.


Miko in our Dance Your Derrière Off tank.

Miko Fogarty for Cloud & Victory (
Photographer: Puzzleman Leung
Edit: Puzzleman Leung, Min
Make-up & Hair: Pei Wen Chiang
Assisted by: Pei Ni Chiang

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