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Quickfire Questions: Keenan Kampa

Keenan Kampa answers our quickfire questions.

Preferred pointe shoe brand?

Right now, I’ll say Capezio.

Favourite variation you’ve ever danced?

Gayane. I got to do that at graduation. There’s never been a role that I’ve enjoyed more.

If you could dance any male role, what would it be and who would partner you?

Probably the Corsaire guy variation, with all the turns in a la seconde. And I would partner Masha Kochetkova because she’s so little. And she stays on her leg – I’ve watched her partner with guys and she does all the work.

What’s your most memorable stage mishap?

Oh my God, so many! I had a fall in Don Q which probably half the internet saw. And I had performance as a kid where my bun fell out and I was dancing with long hair, don’t care!

What is one exercise, ballet or otherwise, you like/find particularly helpful?

Stretching, and the pilates ring between my legs. I work those deep inner muscles that most people don’t really feel.

If you were ever challenged to a dance off, name 3 people you would choose to be in your crew, and why. 

George Clooney. He’d be the inspiration.

Xander Parish, because he’s really strong and sweet and a good friend.

And Roberto Bolle because I want to meet him and I love him.

So probably just 3 really handsome guys, all partnering me at the same time.


Who would play you in a movie about your life?

I’ve been told that I look like Cillian Murphy. You know, that creepy-looking man – I’ve been told he looks a lot like me. But I think Keira Knightly has a lot of depth as an actress, so someone like her …or Cillian Murphy.


Read the interview with Keenan here.

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