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Best Of: Assassin’s Tango

There seems to be an unwritten rule in gymnastics that in order to use Assassin’s Tango as your floor music, you must be able to perform the hell out of it.

People tend to underestimate how difficult, not to mention tiring, the dance portions of a routine can be. We have yet to see a gymnast who hasn’t been able to move and interpret the music use it in their floor routine, and we hope there never will be.

Here are the 3 elite routines that have been choreographed to Assassin’s Tango. The gymnasts who perform them have their own very individual style and interpretation of the piece, but all of them perform it superbly. Choreography-wise, our favourite is Victoria Moors’ (although we do wish her final pass would be a wee bit trickier than a double tuck), but both Joura and Larson stood out as especially dedicated to artistry during their years in competition. And it’s pretty apparent that all 3 infuse their floor routines with a ton of moxie.

Dasha Joura, Australia (2008)

Mattie Larson, U.S.A (2008)

Victoria Moors, Canada (2012)

Victoria Moors, Canada (2013) – at podium-training in Antwerp, with the laid-out double-double as her opening pass!

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