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Bare-chested Ballerino: Roberto Bolle


Roberto Bolle is the king of dance. The king of shirtless dancing, to be exact. For all of us unlucky souls who do not have the pleasure of watching him dance in person, preferably sans top, Roberto has been gifting the world with many a shirtless selfie on social media. After doing the same with David Hallberg, we couldn’t resist trying to figure out what’s going on in the mind (and abs) of the American Ballet Theatre principal dancer during these…

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Ballet Photo Sessions

C&V Photo Sessions: Cloud & Victory x the Dancers of Vaganova Ballet Academy


A gaggle of girls cluster around me in the dimly-lit photo studio, waiting for my instructions. Nastya and Sasha have to leave early. “So how about you sit and I shoot you wearing your pointe shoes,” I say. The two long-limbed young women in question pull out a fresh pair of satin pink pointe shoes apiece and sit against the white studio backdrop, shifting slightly as I reposition them. Their friends disappear down the corridor to a dressing room. One…

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Ballet C&V Ladies

Interview: Demelza Parish


We’d put money on Demelza Parish being made from bottled sunshine. Delightfully ebullient, she’s a package of charm backed by substance – and she dances too. From childhood Swan Queen dreams, she worked her way into the famous halls of White Lodge, the Royal Ballet’s Lower School and at 17, was awarded a contract to dance at the Royal Ballet. Since then, she’s become a stalwart of the Royal’s corps de ballet, dancing countless Swan Lakes, Manons and Giselles, a Flower…

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Ballet Interviews

Interview: Allison DeBona


After the premiere episode of Breaking Pointe on America’s CW channel, everyone had an opinion on Allison DeBona. Most of these opinions weren’t flattering. Breaking Pointe was a show that followed the dancers of Ballet West, under the banner of their leader/artistic director/big daddy Adam Sklute. And Allison DeBona, a Ballet West dancer and one of the show’s main characters, was seen by many as, to put it mildly, not a particularly nice person. (The word ‘bitch’ was bandied about.) …

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Ballet Interviews

Interview: Joy Womack

Joy-Womack - La Bayadere

If you had asked Joy Womack this time last year where she thought her ballet career would take her in 365 (and a quarter) days from then, it’s highly unlikely the answer would be, ‘principal dancer at the Kremlin Ballet’.  And yet that’s exactly where she is now. It was where she spent the past few months dancing a season of Nutcrackers and Swan Lakes and Giselles, instead of on the stage of the Roman-columned theatre down the road –…

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Ballet C&V Ladies Interviews

Interview: Isabella Boylston

isabella boylston - swan lake - odette

Google ‘Isabella Boylston’, and chances are that you’ll be presented with a list of Black Swan references. But really, it’s her white swan that’s had everyone talking. The dual role in Swan Lake was one Isabella had long dreamed of performing, and when the time came, her Odette was firmly in the limelight.…

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Ballet C&V Ladies Interviews

Interview: Precious Adams

Precious Adams

A quick motion from a backstage crew member, and Precious Adams didn’t seem to even have a moment to take a breath. A quick glance backward, and it was her time. She walked onto the empty stage. Her body twirled, then stopped in the silence. And then she moved again, rippling, stopping. Moving, stopping. And when the music erupted in a symphonic burst, so did she.…

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