Quickfire Questions – Hannah O’Neill

Hannah O’Neill answers our fun quickfire questions.


Black swan, white swan or Swanilda?

Tough one. I’m more of a black swan, but I like to work on white swan.

What’s your preferred pointe shoe brand?


Favorite or most helpful ballet exercise?

Theraband foot exercises.

If you could dance any male role in any ballet, which role would it be and which female would partner you?

Good question. I would like to dance La Bayaderè, Solor, and I would like to dance with Diana Vishneva as Nikiya….I’m trying to think of someone that would do a good Gamzatti.

Sylvie Guillem, I think.

Reaching for Pizza - Hannah O'Neill, POBHannah O’Neill reaches for pizza.
Picture originally by: I.K Aubert

If you were challenged to a dance-off, name three people who would be in your crew and why?

I’d want Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and my friend Caroline, because she can really break it down.

Who would play you in a movie about your life? Your life so far, your very young life.

I have no idea! You can pick one for me if you’d like.

If you asked me, I’d pick Chris Hemsworth or someone completely ridiculous, just to shake it up. Even though he looks nothing like you and is not even the right gender.

There you go. Someone that looks amazing…or my little brother, if he was a girl.

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